By Kimberly Seals

If nothing else, 2020 provided us with a host of amazing music releases, and if Leah Bouvier has any say, 2021 will keep that energy. Leah’s long awaited debut EP “I Contact” officially released everywhere on January 8th. We at PRMTD have had the pleasure of watching this artist develop within Austin’s music scene and we love what we see! We’re excited for Leah’s first full length EP, and you should be too!

Why you should be hype

Leah’s ethereal genre bending EP “I Contact” explores the turmoil and power of coming into your own. When asked what inspired this project, Leah states “I did it because I needed it. It’s what I needed to hear at the time and I just didn’t feel like I was getting [it]…I’d hear it in the fragments of a variety of songs but never one full song, let alone a whole EP.” This sentiment is what sets Leah apart from her contemporaries. In addition to her dedication to genre bending musicality, Leah is also committed to encouraging her listeners to show up as the best version of themselves. Leah’s honest storytelling and determination shines through in her work, and “I Contact” is sure to be a great way to start off the year!

Our pick: Expectations

The EP’s initial single “Expectations” provides a look at the EP’s themes of overcoming doubts and displays Leah’s lyrical and stylistic range. Check out the official video now!

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